Objectives and Key results, don’t set people up for failure. Part 1.

Recently I’ve been working with my teams to set objectives and key results to define personal development objectives and how they’re going to reach them. Prior to bringing them to my teams I did what you’d expect, I read articles, books, and watched talks. I was sold on the possibility of value in OKRs pretty quickly, especially knowing giants such as Google and Microsoft used them.

Let’s crush these objectives!

My first meeting with team members who were interested (some direct reports, some not) I went in excited that we would have a way to track progress and that facilitation would be so easy while also so helpful! This was foolish to assume. I provided everyone with the links (two examples of around 4 I provided) you’ll see below, gave an overview of what OKRs were, and recommended the books you’d expect.



Two weeks passed like lightning striking the tallest tower in all of Philadelphia. I met with everyone and the results were not what I expected. To be clear everyone spent a good deal of time on creating goals, but the end result was not as structured as I’d expected.

When following up with everyone I realized that I had set them up for failure. I had spent quite a bit of time reading and learning from others about OKRs, but when I set out to help others I gave them some links and ad-hoc examples and expected the same outcome I’d ended with. That week I was determined to identify a way to give others the opportunity to create OKRs as effectively I had been able to. That will be the next part of this topic, I’ll be posting it this week!

Hard stop: I didn’t spend enough time ensuring they had what they needed to be successful and I needed to correct that.

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