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Developer Hustle - The Podcast.

Developer Hustle

What is Developer Hustle? Well, it’s a podcast of course!

podcast dance

What is this podcast about?

Developer Hustle is about side hustles of all kinds and the things that make them work, or not work. Ricardo Feliciano and I plan to touch on tools, hacks, and the motivation behind hustles we’re working on and others have gotten off the ground. We’re looking to tap into what’s commonly unseen by the people who use these services and products. It’s easy to say “Put in the fucking work” as Gary V would say, but it’s hard to know what can help and hurt during execution. The latter part is where I hope our podcast comes in.

Why a podcast?

I think most of what I do is about learning, so when Ricardo said podcast I said “yes”. I’ve never done a podcast and feel like it’s a great way to learn many new things. I also think podcasts are a great way to let people hear your passion and get them motivated, just like video content does. You can hear in someones voice when they’re passionate and driving a point home. Even just 5 episodes in I feel that when we discuss some topics and I don’t think I’d get that from just blog posts and tweets. I also know tons of people who are hustling who are always on the go with a headphone in at least one ear so this type of content is a “no brainier” for them if they commute.

In closing I think we’ve got a ton to offer and hope you give us a listen. Not only are we going to be talking every week, we’ve got some awesome guests lined up!

Thanks for reading! - Will

Dan Lok - F.U. Money and Webinar


Dan starts in both the book and webinar with his logic on why he started the pursuit of wealth and freedom. A pretty common story of having significant disadvantages. Dan didn’t speak english, he was an immigrant, and he was poor with a shitty White Ford Escort. This lead into Dan trying everything under the sun to make money. Some notable examples below:

  • E-Books
  • Blogs
  • MLMs
  • Email Chains

Pretty much all the standard crap the internet has to offer. This lead Dan to debt, nothing more. I get this I too had a shitty car and debt early on in my life. Nothing in the introduction of the book & webinar and boot was sketchy. It all appeared honest. I’m going to break down the webinar below then give my review at the very end of this post.

Webinar Breakdown

Secret 1: Wealth Triangle

What people normally do is invest everything they have, their home, savings whatever they have. Dan is trying to convey you should first develop a high priced skill that can earn you 10,000 a month. You should then master this skill and trade your time for money in hours paid for a service. Here’s the breakdown image.

Triangles are cool

The next step for this “system” is to create a business around this skill, build a team, and use the output to create excess cash flow for investments. The investments are the third step to this wealth triangle. You put your money into something that can make you more money. In Dan’s example he’s investing in Realestate to obtain more than 10 percent returns per year. He cautiously suggests only investing in things you understand or can control. This third step is targeting long-term wealth should any of these 3 steps explode into a ball of fire and destroy a line of income.

Lokism: Don’t aim for financial freedom, aim for financial confidence.

Guessed Translation: Don’t just try to make shit tons of money, try to build something backing it that you’re confident will continue to provide value to others?

I think Secret 2 and 3?

The webinar isn’t something I was able to pause so I’m writing notes as it goes on and on. So Dan starts talking about closers and where they fit. He’s indicating that all of the people like Tia Lopez that you see trying to sell courses, books, or whatever need people to close those sales. They’re so busy trying to get people into their funnels that they’re paying a high price for people like Dan who can always be closing the sale.

I’m pretty sure this is the hook where Dan later says he needs these people and it can be you and you can make SOOOOOOOO much money!

I state the above because he’s really pushing how stress free cold calls on the phone are and how easy it is to close these sales. Dan indicates closing sales being the number one skill you need to be successful and it crosses all businesses.

High ticket sales are the easiest thing ever! Woah, sweet easy monies! Successful entrepreneurs know they’re leaving tons of money on the table with people that haven’t been replied to from their ebook or whatever funnel. He then goes on to show examples of job postings from people looking to hire closers for 5-10k per month.

The money

So Dan then breaks down how you make the money in this hypothetical situation. You make one sale at 500 bucks, work 4 days a week, 2 grand easy! From this he goes into the same situation in multiples of 500 x more sales = more money. Sound math. After this Kayvon hops on and starts to tell us about his journey with Dan. Then we bounce back to where high ticket sales fit into the flow of people like Tia Lopez and Tony Robbins sales funnels. I’m not going to recap anything further aside from where the sales pitch is.

Secret 4

You don’t need to be an expert.

The pitch

Every day Dan gets request for high ticket closers, people need to close their sales! Dan’s going to create a solution for them, he’s going to train (a small amount) go-getters. He’s going to take you under his wing and certify you as a high ticket closer (only 39 people). All you need to do is join the High Ticket Closers Certification program. This program contains 7 live classes (1 per week), Q & A time, templates, and recordings of all classes. You also get the chance to close sales for them! Whoo make money for them. Kayvon pays 30k a year to do this (mastermind class) with Dan. You can get all of this for $2,495 at www.FUMoney.com/now <–This is the real link not a referral or anything like that.

My Review

This webinar is a sales pitch with some value. What value? The value is knowing the workflow that Dan and his team are currently following. Based on Dan’s background I don’t doubt that there’s some kind of demand for this work. I also don’t doubt it makes money. 10k a month, probably not impossible but not likely for most. I’m also sure Dan Lok’s 7 sessions and templates provide some value to someone, but is it 2 grand worth of value?

All this being the case I’m pretty sure if you understand the breakdown you can try this right now without shelling out a bunch of money to someone to tell you “how” to do it. Go hope on craigslist or any of the other sites where online sales positions posted, weed out direct sales and cold calls then do it for yourself to find out. DM people on Instagram and Facebook asking if they need people to close sales. I’m sure you’ll find someone who needs help if they’re also running a page with over 50k followers.

This review is my own opinion and evaluation and not the opinion or evaluation of any company or service I’m employed by or a paid consultant for.

Welcome to my new blog

So, I lost all of my previous posts because I was dumb so I’ve just got this new Hexo blog up and running. I’ll have some new content soon, I promise.

For now here’s a cool cat GIF!

Cool cat


Ok, let’s get this rolling…

So in the near future I’m going to have a bunch of new things to tell you all about. One of them is going to be a podcast, the other is my new newsletter. First, I want to make sure I’m clear about what this newsletter is. These emails will be a mix of current events, my personal feelings about new tech, and other ramblings. Thus, my newsletter will be named Random Ramblings! You can subscribe HERE. I promise that I won’t be sending anything other than newsletters and won’t be sharing your email externally.

Thanks for reading, more soon!