Getting out of your comfort zone. Part 1, the pros and cons.

So, let me preface this with the fact that I’m not advocating for always being uncomfortable. I’m not saying it’s bad to do what you love and not push to new positions or roles. I’m advocating taking risks within the bounds that you’re currently working in-order to move the people you lead and yourself forward.

This is an abstract of a talk I’m working on @Linode so it’s not going to be a giant 8 page post. I’m simply going to post one portion of the talk’s slides here, the positive and negative points of pushing outside of your “day to day”, leading from the middle, going out of your “lane”.

Before we get to the list, let’s define “comfort zone”.

The actual definition.

Let’s go with definition 2 for this post… So what are the pros of getting into territory that’s outside of your comfort zone?

  • You adapt to dealing with change over time
  • You can build confidence in your decision making
  • Increased productivity
  • You’ll learn more
  • You’ll learn about yourself

What are the cons then?

  • You can and will fail
  • You’ll be nervous
  • Some people will be “turned off” by your motivation, aggressiveness, or whatever it’s perceived as in your situation.

If you’re interested in the topic as a whole check out the short video below to see where my talk and these posts will be going in the future parts.

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