Build A Team That Ships

I’ve been “officially” leading teams for around 4 years now. That said, I’ve really been leading teams my entire life to some capacity. As a teenager, we (my cousin and I) led a group of skateboarders but rather than the normal path you’d expect we ended up with merch, websites, movies, and a real-world skate shop opened. Seriously, there was a ribbon-cutting. In my time on Active Duty in the U.S. Army, amazing examples of leadership were all around me. Fast forward to today and I lead engineering teams as an Engineering Manager at Linode.

Objectives and Key results, don’t set people up for failure. Part 1.

Recently I’ve been working with my teams to set objectives and key results to define personal development objectives and how they’re going to reach them. Prior to bringing them to my teams I did what you’d expect, I read articles, books, and watched talks. I was sold on the possibility of value in OKRs pretty…

New Blog.

I neglected writing any blog post for over a year. It’s ok, nobody read them (maybe one or two people). That said, I’m going to be writing some things soon so if you’re here you probably got a link to one of those things I’ve already posted. Thanks for reading!