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Developer Hustle - The Podcast.

Developer Hustle

What is Developer Hustle? Well, it’s a podcast of course!

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What is this podcast about?

Developer Hustle is about side hustles of all kinds and the things that make them work, or not work. Ricardo Feliciano and I plan to touch on tools, hacks, and the motivation behind hustles we’re working on and others have gotten off the ground. We’re looking to tap into what’s commonly unseen by the people who use these services and products. It’s easy to say “Put in the fucking work” as Gary V would say, but it’s hard to know what can help and hurt during execution. The latter part is where I hope our podcast comes in.

Why a podcast?

I think most of what I do is about learning, so when Ricardo said podcast I said “yes”. I’ve never done a podcast and feel like it’s a great way to learn many new things. I also think podcasts are a great way to let people hear your passion and get them motivated, just like video content does. You can hear in someones voice when they’re passionate and driving a point home. Even just 5 episodes in I feel that when we discuss some topics and I don’t think I’d get that from just blog posts and tweets. I also know tons of people who are hustling who are always on the go with a headphone in at least one ear so this type of content is a “no brainier” for them if they commute.

In closing I think we’ve got a ton to offer and hope you give us a listen. Not only are we going to be talking every week, we’ve got some awesome guests lined up!

Thanks for reading! - Will